PIR fibers

Polycrystalline (PIR) Fibers


Intended for work in the mid-infrared range

Non-toxic, very elastic and transparent to light in the range from 4µm to 18µm. Can work in range from -200°C to 250°C

PIR fibers are produced with a core/clad structure of high purity AgCl: AgBr crystals

Free of aging effect


  • Radiation transfer systems for CO and CO2 lasers
  • IR imaging systems
  • Remote non-contact pyrometry in the range from 100 K to 600 K
  • Fiber optic probes for in-line, in-vivo IR spectroscopy


Fiber diameter 400/500, 630/700, 900/1000 µm
Spectral range 4 do 18 µm
Numerical aperture (NA) 0.25
Refraction of light index 2.15
Attenuation for 10.6 µm wavelength 0.1-0.5 dB/m
Failure threshold for CO2 laser continuous power >12 kW/cm2
Melting temperature 415 C
Durability >100 MPa
Bend radius temporary 10x fiber radius
long term 100x fiber radius